Our discovery process reveals basic truths about a school, its people, and its programs, and we create viewbooks and supporting admissions communications that bring those truths to life in believable ways.


trinity college

At Trinity College, students develop skills in critical thinking and communications, and gain a global perspective. Trinity's search mailer and viewbook needed to introduce and expand upon these themes in a clear, accessible, and highly believable way.

In the viewbook, compelling student stories demonstrate successful learning experiences, and strong images enable prospective students to see themselves within the context of the school. Brief statements by faculty, alumni, and tour guides reinforce the sense of an engaged and welcoming academic community.


boston college

Boston College wanted to emphasize two key marketing points in their MBA Program viewbook. First, the experience should be seen as an investment in success; and second, ethical values are an essential part of the curriculum.

Profiles of accomplished alumni punctuate program descriptions throughout the brochure. One spread is devoted to a statement of core values, with dramatic black and white photography and classic typography. Metallic ink and an embossed cover lend an overall feeling of quality.

The Boston College MBA Program viewbook was a CASE silver medal award winner.


harvard law school

The centerpiece of the Harvard Law experience is intellectual engagement with teachers and classmates who have a broad range of perspectives and aspirations. This admissions brochure is organized around candid student portraits and brief first-person statements, presented on short pages that lend a feeling of interactivity to the layout.


PEDDIE school

Peddie is distinctive among top boarding schools because of its history. Founded by Baptists, the school has always been inclusive, avoiding any inherited sense of privilege. The theme of the viewbook — "Everyday Courage" — highlights the ways in which the school promotes a culture of community and character development, in tandem with a challenging academic curriculum.


miss hall's school

Miss Hall's School, a leading college-preparatory school for girls, offers a unique four-year program of academics, internships, and leadership training. The school works hard to create an environment that supports a girl's ambition, individuality, intellect, and creativity.

During our research and discovery process it became clear that the opportunity for a girl to be herself is fundamental to the way Miss Hall's educates. We built the viewbook around the theme "get real" — emphasizing personal authenticity, responsibility, confidence, and preparation.

The viewbook received the Monadnock Paper Mills Award of Excellence.


park street school

This elementary school has a great story to tell: a content-rich curriculum, a strong sense of community, and a newly renovated historic building in the heart of Beacon Hill. The viewbook needed to bring these qualities to life in a convincing way.

Evocative photography, careful pacing, and a strong storyline keep the reader fully engaged. The brand identity established in the viewbook is reinforced in our design of the school's web site.


college of the holy cross

Getting started in the first year of college involves making decisions about courses, housing, sports, and a dizzying array of other opportunities. Our assignment was to bring order to all of this information, in a way that is both welcoming and easy to use for incoming classes.

The result is a 140 page guide, in ten sections separated by tabbed dividers. We redesigned a dozen forms for consistency and clarity, and included checklists for students (and parents). See you in September!


park street school / park street kids

This web site does double duty — presenting the programs and curriculum of a preschool and an elementary school that share common philosophies and administration. The structure of the site was vital to its success, as it needed to work well for two audiences that sometimes overlapped.

The brand identity established on the web site is reinforced in our design of the school's viewbook.

The Park Street School web site was a CASE bronze medal award winner.