The projects described here differ in scope and objective, but share a systematic approach: analysis, creative strategy, and implementation.

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The Campaign for Boston University

The Campaign for Boston University was publicly launched in September, 2012. Our ongoing collaboration with BU’s Office of Development & Alumni Relations began two years earlier, during the campaign's quiet phase. We developed the campaign brand identity, case statement, and newsletter, and continue to work with BU on a wide range of supporting campaign communications.

The campaign supports students, faculty research, facilities, and special programs. The original campaign goal of $1 billion was recently increased to $1.5 billion.


The quiet phase
During the campaign’s quiet phase we designed a flexible informational packet to guide early conversations with prospective donors, and created a template for targeted on-demand proposals. We also began to test campaign names, themes, and logo treatments with the BU Development Communications team.

The campaign identity
The development team selected the name The Campaign for Boston University and the subtitle Choose to be Great. We designed multiple logo options to establish a unique identity for the campaign, while ensuring compatibility with the overarching BU brand identity. When the final logotype was selected we created a set of files for print and electronic applications, and designed a campaign brand identity guide to ensure consistent use of the logo, supporting typography, and color palette.


The kickoff
A weekend of events marked the formal launch of the campaign. We applied the campaign identity to a variety of materials, including banners, special gift items, program, and donor booklet. Soon after the kickoff weekend we designed a campaign newsletter for distribution to BU alumni and other friends of the University.

The case statement
We designed a 36-page case statement for the campaign kickoff. The piece begins with a section that examines the importance of the choices that individuals (and universities) make, and showcases some of BU’s great achievers. This thematic opening is followed by the reasoning for the campaign, financial objectives, a description of the campaign leadership, and giving opportunities.

The case statement won a CASE Grand Gold Award in the 2013 Circle Of Excellence Awards.


Supporting case statements
In addition to the main University case, we created cases for (clockwise from top left) the School of Medicine, the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Theology, and the School of Social Work.


Miss Hall's School viewbook


The assignment
Miss Hall's School, a leading college-preparatory school for girls, offers a unique four-year program of academics, internships, and leadership training. Our assignment was to create a viewbook that would position Miss Hall's as a top choice in the minds of inquiring students and their parents, and motivate visits to the school.

The approach
We started the project by reviewing the school's current recruitment materials and those of schools in their peer group. We then conducted two days of on-campus interviews with administrators, faculty, and students. During this discovery process it became clear that the school works hard to create an environment that supports a girl's ambition, individuality, intellect, and creativity, and that the opportunity for a girl to be herself is fundamental to the way Miss Hall's educates. We built the viewbook around the theme "get real" — emphasizing personal authenticity, responsibility, confidence, and preparation.

The outcome
The viewbook was well received by key audiences, and helped Miss Hall's School attract visits and applications from girls who seek to be leaders. The viewbook has been reprinted twice, and was awarded the Monadnock Paper Mills Award of Excellence.

Services/strategic: research, discovery, creative strategy
Services/tactical: art direction of photography, design, layout, production, printing supervision


Holy Cross "Become More" Campaign


The assignment
College of the Holy Cross is in the quiet phase of the $400 million "Become More" campaign. We were asked to create a series of publications to generate early support for campaign priorities.

The approach
The first piece we produced was the campaign prospectus (pictured above), which describes the context for the campaign — the institution's strengths, opportunities, and challenges — and the ways in which a successful campaign will transform Holy Cross. Highly readable, and paced with full-page, evocative photography, this piece was shared with alumni leadership to confirm the campaign's themes and messages.

Holy Cross is a “need-blind” institution — applicants for admission are judged solely on their merits, regardless of their ability to meet the cost of tuition. Maintaining this policy is one of the most difficult challenges facing Holy Cross, and support for financial aid is a key priority of the campaign.

We designed a financial aid brochure (pictured below) around portraits and first-person statements of four Holy Cross scholarship recipients. Each student describes, in personal terms, the life-changing impact of their scholarship, and their experience at Holy Cross.


We then named, designed, and produced a tabloid-size campaign newsletter (pictured below), called "Being More." This piece will be published twice a year during the course of the campaign, and will tell stories of philanthropy — the thinking and personal motivations of key Holy Cross supporters.


The outcome
Early support of the campaign is strong. During the kickoff celebration weekend it was announced that well over half of the $400 million goal has been reached.

Services/strategic: prototyping publication formats, publication naming, implementation of brand identity
Services/tactical: photography research, design, layout, production, printing supervision


University of New Haven: The Charger Challenge

The assignment
Our work with the University of New Haven began about a year before the official kickoff for a $100 million comprehensive fundraising effort. We were asked to create a brand identity for the campaign, and to bring the themes and priorities of the campaign initiative to life in a case statement.

The approach
We started the project by researching institutional history, studying the recent strategic plan, and reviewing the University’s existing brand identity. We then interviewed top administrators, board members, faculty, and students.

This discovery phase yielded key insights that influenced the development of the case. The University’s President enjoys broad and deep support among board members and alumni audiences, and the institution has had substantial successes during his 10-year tenure. But while great progress has been made, the University must capitalize on the momentum of the past decade if it is to fulfill the mission outlined in the strategic plan.

The campaign name — The Charger Challenge — was suggested by a board member. (The “Chargers” being the name of the University’s sports teams). We developed a logotype for a range of campaign materials that works well with the existing University brand. The 24-page case statement begins with an opening sequence of statements from the President’s inaugural address that act as a frame of reference for how much the University has accomplished. Campaign priorities are described as a series of challenges: to innovate, to create opportunity, and to invest. Six portraits and profiles of students are interspersed throughout the presentation, putting a human face on the potential of a successful campaign.

The outcome
The University recently enjoyed a highly successful kickoff event, and is already more than halfway to the $100 million campaign goal.

Services/strategic: research, discovery, creative strategy
Services/tactical: art direction of photography, design, layout, production, printing supervision